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Hours and Insurances That Are Accepted:

I can accept most major insurances for counseling with biofeedback within the State of Minnesota. There is a list of the insurances that I can bill at the bottom of the page if you want to skip the explanation about billing biofeedback as a part of counseling that is in the next paragraphs.


There are many smaller insurance companies not on the list that we also accept. If you have one of those please inquire about it. But, you can be assured that I work with all major insurance in Minnesota and many smaller ones- except for HealthPartners and Medicare.  There is a fuller list of accepted insurances later in the page that can confirm they will cover counseling that uses biofeedback as part of the healing process.  Sometimes practitioners or people looking for resources get mixed information about what is covered.  When clients or I have called to ask if counseling can be done with biofeedback and billed as counseling, the response is consistently that it can be done.  Also, the Minnesota Healthcare Provider Manual  describes that counseling with biofeedback is expected to be paid for by The State of MN healthcare insurance laws. 

Also, the biggest effect of biofeedback and guidance on mindfulness and thought changes or visualization from the clinician is important. The way that I work with clients is by talking as much as is needed and working with personal insight and beliefs or personal blocks, behavior modification and thought changes (clinically this is a part of what is called CBT with mindfulness). Some clients who do not want to talk about trauma or difficulties a lot can do less talking by talking for a few minutes at a time followed by quiet personal work or healing using thought changes, body tracking, and mindfulness or visualization with biofeedback. This is similar to how other trauma therapies work like EMDR. Some people become concerned that insurance won't cover a therapy that uses less talking, but insurance companies recognize that talk therapy isn't the only type of therapy. I do guide people to work with their thoughts, memories, future, etc. Many people I work with use their own mindfulness techniques they have learned elsewhere. We also work with family systems as a part of the growth and healing.  These are all typical parts of counseling and recently mindfulness practices have become more of an accepted part of counseling. These practices are done as a part of a combination of talk counseling and quite relaxation with contemplation with the clinician. Biofeedback is used as a feedback tool during parts of this process.


The insurance is billed through a larger organization that this service is a part of. That services is named Franklin Family Services and the founding psychologist Mary Joan Hasper, LP. Sometimes when people call insurances to see if it will be covered they get confusing answers. It is also good to know that biofeedback will be covered if it is part of counseling. Some insurances will say they won't cover it if you ask if they cover biofeedback only. Counseling for mindfulness skills is needed to make the biofeedback work well, and when it is billed as a session with counseling it does get covered by insurance.


Also, currently the State of Minnesota has a law that says that in clinic sessions and video sessions that can be done over the web with biofeedback and sound therapies are expected to be covered. This opens the options for many people and children can be seen during the day on tablets if a school staff helps them get to the website and they have privacy. This is a major advance in our already advanced state that has supported biofeedback and innovative, researched technologies before many others because of how effective it is. Also, for those who are out of state the majority of states now support video counseling and have reciprocity with Minnesota, allowing people to access services nationally from the best providers for their needs.


I am accepting clients for office visits and online sessions. Currently the easiest times to book are in the mid afternoon and later morning because morning and after school times are requested more as well as lunch times. For those interested in online services please read the page for online services.

Session Time Options: 



9 am to 7pm


9 am am to 7pm


9am to 7pm


9am to 3pm


9am to 3pm



We accept most major insurances. The State of Minnesota supports biofeedback with insurance coverage, and so we are fortunate to be in a leading state. There isn't a need for prior authorizations, and the full course of treatment is covered.


We Currently Accept the Following Insurances:

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Metropolitan Health Plan

All Medicaid Plans

Medical Assistance


TriCare (Military Insurance)




United Behavioral Health





And we accept every other type of insurance I have seen except HealthPartner and Medicare (We accept Medicaid- the State of MN insurance since they are different).


If you would like to ask any questions please email Peter Meilahn at petermeilahn "@" or call 651.347.8172. Your question will be answered within a day or so. Thanks, Peter


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