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ADHD treatment with biofeedback, neurofeedback is as effective as medication according to The American Academy of Pediatrics.


I have treated hundreds of adults and children with attention issues using neuroloical or biological (a.k.a. neurofeedback or biofeedback) that teaches them how they increase calm attention and lower anxiety and medtal clutter. Computers can give real time biological or neurological feedback in the form of music and movie volume that tells people immediately how they are doing so they adjust. Then they learn how they do it and to do it better while we talk about how to apply it in every day life. It is like a brain exercise or brain tutor for ADHD.


Children usually use movies as feedback where they control volume and brightness and adults usually use music.


It is like advanced meditation and lately I have been developing ways for peole to control light in the room...think movie or music theater with neuroscience.


I consistantly see the results the research talks about and have seen people improve attention, behavior, anxiety, sleep, pain and other things that are compliatins in their situation. It helps their attention and performance and I work in collaborationw with doctors as needed.


Please share this information or be in touch if needed as it it helpful. I work in the office and also have a partner who sees people in schools and homes around the twin cities if the St. Louis Park office doesn't work well. 


Feel free to read ore on the front page, thanks, Peter



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