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Free Attention and Memory Test

Hello, you can take a free memory and attention test below from Cambridge Brain Sciences. These are tests used in hospitals and university research around the world, and are commonly known as neuropsychology tests. They are puzzles that measure people's accuracy and speed.


Clients who work with us can also take tests for focus, creative problem solving, spatial reasoning, and a range of things that show how well clients are doing and how their progress is happening. It all helps guide counseling, and clients can keep their reports. The tests are done online, and are different types of puzzles.


Click the link below to take the free memory and attention test. The scores for the same test below are from a comparison of all the age groups that take it (ages 6 and older), but our clients get reports that only compare their performance to people their age. 

To get the best results, please do the following:

Use a mouse.

Do the test in a comfortable place, and use a laptop or desktop computer.

Close all software on your computer, except the web browser.

Headphones help.

Also, you will do your best if you are in a quiet room.

Feel free to reach out, if you want to take a full range of neuropsychology tests.


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