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Services are available across Minnesota because of the flexibility of biofeedback equipment and sound therapy. It allows for us to be able to do it in the main office, libraries or online with sound therapies.

For clients that aren't in an area where I can meet in person weekly I can come and meet to do a brain monitoring session at the start of services and periodically throughout the year. For other clients who I can see in person more easily I can see them in my office, or in libraries in major cities.

Currently I see people in my office in St. louis Park, and in Libraries or homes around the Twin Cities. I also have times to meet one on one to do a brain monitoring session and more sessions of biofeedback in Mankato, Albert Lea, and Duluth. 

Sessions can be all in person in the Twin Cities Area, Mankato or Albert Lea. Other areas use a mix of some live brain monitoring with me and sound therapy online or all online meetings with sound therapy.

Minnesota State Health Plans cover travel time for these services and for visits in libraries. Minnesota has been a long time supporter of biofeedback.


Biofeedback can be done at home with home devices that measure simple things such as hand temperature. Clients can also just feel when their hands are warmer or there muscles are more relaxed as a form of biofeedback. And I teach clients how to balance their brains to improve attention, anxiety and pain with sound rhythms that match and teach brain rhythms. All of these things can be done over the web.


Web based counseling sessions are possible with researched biofeedback methods. For those of you who live in Minnesota this service will be covered by insurance. These services are supported by insurance in Minnesota where the healthcare laws require that web based services be covered fully. For those who are farther away or busy it makes things easier to use web based services.


The biggest cause of people not getting enough out of biofeedback is the time it takes. The sound tools offer a good alternative to live brain feedback, and have been proven to work for adults, younger students and hospital patients at Duke University, The University of Virginia, the National Health Service in England's, California State University and other respected research centers. 


The web based process uses video conferencing where I work with adults and children. We practice mindfulness or while talking. I work with empathy and have worked as a counselor for individuals and families. The video is secure, private and convenient.


If you live in Minnesota, the State of Minnesota passed a law this spring saying that all insurances are required to pay for online sessions. And I work with all major insurances.


The biggest barrier I see to client success with the mindfulness approaches we use is the time and scheduling. Doing online counseling allows for me to interact with clients during the day when they can get to a tablet, phone or computer.

Throughout the years I have done individual therapy and teaching in schools and homes with children and adults ages 3 and up. 


If you would like to sign up for this service feel free to email me at petermeilahn "@" or call me at 651.347.8172.

Thank You, Peter J. Meilahn

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