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Biofeedback and Neurfeedback Reduced Bi-Polar Medication Use by 66%



Hi, I have a client that did intensive biofeedback for bi-polar based on a case study I researched and he was able to reduce his bi-polar medication use by 66% (i.e. lithium) over a period of two years with more than 3-4 days of biofeedback a week on average.


He learned to calm his brain when he was manic and increase his calm attention when he was depressed to stabilize his mood (and front brain). It has gottent o a point where he can more intuitively be aware of what he needs and does it the way a person without the disorder can do.


I speak and teach at conferences regularly and institutions like The U of MN Medical Center and have given continuing education credits to professionals. I am interested in helping more people to try and establish a method of helpig people normalize bi-polar and possible have a way to bring it to remission in 80% of people and more in the next three decades.


Please be in touch if you want to collaborate or try biofeedback.


Thanks, Peter


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