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Sadly Divorce Creates Alienation in Adults and Children That is Proven to Lower Calm Attention, But Can Be Helped.


When people go through divorce, especially children they feel strains that lower brain rhythms that are known to be for attention. Menwhile we see the anxiety, sadness, and problems concentrating or fighting that come with this. Some siuations are better than others. And we can teach each other to have more calm, and families can do biofeedback together, or one parent can with a child to heal and increase these brain rhythms while they process things or come to calm about what has happened....or create a future that has health they need.


There is a lot of research about parent and child alienation leading to attention struggles and how the breakdown of attention is hurt and can be helped. These things are studied in family science research. Like most people in our culture I have seen the struggles of diorce first hand and in my practice. If you would like more information or help in this way I am glad to help- just contact me.


Peace, Peter



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