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Many (but not all) of the treatment types:

ADHD and Autism Struggles:  Usually clients with ADHD or autism spectrum disorders are taught to maintain or increase relaxed or focused attention to increase or maintain blood flow in the front part of the brain by training faster brain waves that go with concentration. This is done to lower the amount and strength of slower, “"spacious thinking" brain waves or reduce excessively fast thoughts leading to distraction.  In Minnesota autism treatment with EEG is covered by the state health insurance programs. The amount of sessions needed can range from 20 to 50 for the typical case of ADHD or more for autism. I do two in one per week, which takes an hour. Two times a week is faster but not required for steady progress or results. The American Academy of Pediatrics supports biofeedback for treating ADHD.


EEG Biofeedback has been proven to be as effective for treating ADHD as stimulant medications.  In the last ten years EEG biofeedback has been researched and tested extensively for autism, and it is effective. There is research showing an average decrease in autism symptoms of 40-80% over 4-6 months. Every case is unique as is every treatment .


Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Trauma, and Mood Struggles:  These are generally treated by rewarding a relaxed attention in the brain or a more relaxed soothed state to increase our abilities to “watch ourselves” with comfort. This is especially helpful for impuylse control, mood and other issues. This also helps gifted children who are dealing with anxiety. These issues can be treated with around 20 sessions and maybe more as needed. Just as with other conditions like ADHD each treatment is different.


Migraines and Pain:  Migraines and pain can be reduced and migraines are often eliminated from people's lives for years when the person learns to create a more relaxed state or use mental exercise to dissolve or go around the pain. Migraines are reduced by learning to lower overactivity and tension. People learn to stop this when it starts or prevent it all together. Many people with pain use EEG and migraine suffers often learn to stop them in their lives. Migraines can often be treated in 12 -20 sessions  and pain is a case by case situation.


EEG Biofeedback and Games:  I use games, scenes or movies that the person "plays" by keeping the desired frequency that then trains the brain to keep blood flow in a desired pattern based on research. I also use cognitive and behavioral therapy and arts therapy with clients as needed or desired.

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