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Online, Fun Proven Brain Therapy for ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia


My name is Peter Meilahn, and I have taught sound therapies to University of Minnesoa Medical Center Staff, presented at conferences for The Learnig Disability Association of Minnesota, The Minnesota Council for the Gifted an Talented and taught to leading clinicians for the State of Minnesota, The Minnesota Marriage and Family Therapy Board, and Henry Emmons, MD- Author of The Chmistry of Joy and The Chemistry of Calm. 


I teach children after years of experience how to use sounds that teach them brain rhythms they need. They get to play fun games and do online art or computer games. And Insurance covers it. Most states now cover it and working across the country is possibe in some cases. In Minnesota this is a way for children to learn how to regulate their brains and do it at home with family and less time driving around.


People with calm attention needs can learn how to improve it with practice. And the research that shws that this is possible with sound rhythm therapy to teach the person their brain rhythms has been done at Duke University, Cal State, University of Virginia, and more.


This a great way to learn and do interesting sound therapy or music therapy, play or game therapy and counseling while just learning to use mindfulness in an interesting way. Feel free to read more on the site and be in touch.







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