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Online ADHD Assessments



If you are looking for an ADHD assessment for children over 6 years old or adults, I am able to do them with several tools that increase the accuracy.

I am accepting new clients. I have been a speaker at The Learning Disability Association of Minnesota, and a teacher to staff at The University of Minnesota Medical Center and elsewhere. I accept most major insurances, including Medical Assistance and The State of Minnesota Health Plans. The assessments we would use include computerized attention tests, surveys and an interview. I started offering this because of the shortage of services for assessments. If you would like to sign up for an assessment, please use the calendar link at the top of the page.

I also am able to teach you how to use home based meditation and games that lower attention and anxiety problems by more than 50% in a proven way. The process involves attention training that can work with medication or as an alternative to medication. The practices for training attention create long lasting changes in attention and the brain.


About the Counseling Services:

     I help clients with home based techniques and tools that they can keep using when we are done. Clients can use home based biofeedback tools that let then lower pain and anxiety by 77% (on average), boost memory or focus 11-32% (on average), and are proven to help depression, sleep, migraines, tinnitus, and other things. I work with clients to guide them with a few sessions or more, and they can continue to use the tools when we are done. Clients can continue to see me for ongoing sessions. 


     The results are life change for many people, and  the tools we use are tools the clients can keep using at home, and health insurance covers these services. I accept UCare, BlueCross, Medicaid, HealthPartners, HennepinHealth, and most other insurances. I have been a teacher to clinical staff at The University of Minnesota Medical Center and other trusted places.

     In this first session clients also learn how to use biofeedback, neurofeedback based sound therapies that are well proven in research. I have developed a website to share with clients in this first session that becomes a tool for them to use and home. It can be shared with people you know, along with the brain health assessments. The sound training tools have been proven to help people in the following ways:

  • Increase mental performance, and increase impulse control in children with ADHD by more than 55%.

  • Increase short term memory and focus by 21% for adults and students, and up to 30% in people with ADHD.

  • Lower anxiety patients by 58% more than music and 86% more than silence

  • Lower chronic pain by 77% while listening.

  • Improve sleep, reduce or stop panic attacks, and help with migraines.

     The results clients see in their lives and for loved ones are often remarkable. The results that I describe on the front page are what we work for, and we can sometimes get better results with more home practice. 

     Because I give clients tools in the first conversation at home that will help them and the people they care about, I ask that clients book an appointment for the first consultation. i will send a link for meeting online. You can sign using the link on this page that is below on phones or in the upper right on large tablets and computers. After you sign up, I will send a link for our meeting, and confirm the time that will work.

     I am glad to help, and feel blessed to be able to help people the way that I do.

Thank You for Your Time,

Peter Meilahn, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Founder, The Minnesota Biofeedback Clinic

Clinical Teacher to Staff at The university of Minnesota Medical Center

Member, The Behavioral Health Provider Network, Fairview Health System

I have been a speaker for annual conferences held by:


The Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented,  The Learning Disability Association of Minnesota,  Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs


I have been a lecturer and teacher to clinicians from:


The University of Minnesota Medical Center, Hazelden, The Learning Disability Association of Minnesota,  Park Niccolet's Melrose Center for eating disorders, A Chance to Grow, Passages- Malibu, and various county agencies for autism services.


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