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Online Brain Testing



     You can take a free attention test at the link below. It is a fun puzzle test. I use these and memory tests with clients, and they can track their progress. They also help guide what we are doing. The tests clients take are based on their age. The test below shows your results and compares them to all ages of the people who have taken them. These are the same tests used in neuropsychology testing and in university research.

     You can take a general attention  test by clicking here, or read more below about how we use more complete testing to help client progress. The test above opens in a new window.

     I offer online cognitive testing for memory, attention, focus, and flexibility. Clients can see me just to take these tests, and can also do it with other sessions. These are the same tests used by neurologists and neuro-psychologists in hospitals and clinics around the world. The tests are interesting, interactive puzzles that are done on the internet, at home. They are for adults and children over 6 years old. They let my clients see changes as they do things on their own with or without regular sessions.


     We can meet once or multiple times to review the test results and for guidance.  Insurance covers the services when clients meet with me to review the results and make suggestions to improve memory, attention, or focus.


     The test results help with guiding tools that be used at home for biofeedback, sound therapies, and in person sessions for biofeedback, neurofeedback in the office or online. The things clients can do will change memory and mood, and are backed by research. The tests can also be used to guide things clients are doing on their own, or with other therapists and services.

     I am glad to help, and feel blessed to be able to help people the way that I do. Feel free to schedule a phone call to do testing or get guidance with tools you can use to improve attention, focus, anxiety, memory, pain, or other concerns. These techniques also help things like migraines, insomnia, seizures, ADHD, autism, and other things. If you haven't read the home page, please read the home page about conditions I work with.

Thank You for Your Time,

Peter Meilahn, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Founder, The Minnesota Biofeedback Clinic

Clinical Teacher to Staff at The university of Minnesota Medical Center

Member, The Behavioral Health Provider Network, Fairview Health System




I have been a speaker for annual conferences held by:


The Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented,  The Learning Disability Association of Minnesota,  Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs


I have been a lecturer and teacher to clinicians from:


The University of Minnesota Medical Center, Hazelden, The Learning Disability Association of Minnesota,  Park Niccolet's Melrose Center for eating disorders, A Chance to Grow, Passages- Malibu, and various county agencies for autism services.


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