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Family Movie Excercise is a 'Relaxation and Attention' Therapy That is Like a Brain Massage for The Family.


Hi, Olympic athletes, astronauts and professional musicians and students do brain exercises where they control music and movie volume or a computer screen with their brain for exercise.


Family can do it too, to feel better and bond while relaxing, or to improve and increase their calm attention after a long school year.


It is great for families and students and overall health and performance go up...and insurance covers it for stress.


It is like a mini movie theater where the person doing the biofeedback controls the light and sound level with their brain's calm attention...


It is fun, interested and the stuff of sci-fi, art installations all wrapped in neuroscience. 


I counsel families and coach people on how to do it better after they learn how they do it and so it is like a yoga or meditation class.


People master a new skill or level of awareness, and insurance covers it for stress for anyone wanting to practice reducing anxiety states. It is done once a week for an hour and a half with families or can be done twice a week or once a week for an hour.


There are also home sound tools you can mix with music to remind you of calm brain rhtyhms. I see great results for school performance, work performance, and socialization, plus people reduce a variety of problems on the home page that these tools are most commonly used for. It is also great as a summer program to help people learn meditation and improve contemplation for maturity and performance.


Generally 50 hours of practice are required to become proficient at a skill. Children learn faster and the home tools help too.


The way it works is with a projector that the person doing the brain monitoring controls and that projects a movie on a wall or music for a family to watch. If people are interested multiple people could be hooked up and control it together.


Nasa did this in flight simulators, Miramax films is playing with using it in home movie experiences,  and it has helped astronauts, musicians, CEOs, students and everyday people live better. It is like entertaining meditation...


Please be in touch if you are interested or share this with others.

Thanks, Peter



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