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Minneapolis - St. Paul Dyslexia Treatment with Computer Feedback Caused Dyslexia to be Corrected


I worked with a client using a traditional method of brain training for dyslexia to improve calm attention that is shown in research to lower dyslexia symptoms by 50% or more in 75%-80% of the people who do it. This was with an 8 year old girl and it wasn't working for her. I changed the process to teach her to use calm, relaxed attention to keep the volume up and the screen bright on a movie. This is called biological or neurological feedback or "biofeedback" or "neurofeedback".


Her process was monitored by a full psychological evaluation before seeing me and after. She didn't do anything else to help her dyslexia. She was getting 7/8 letters and numbers mixed up in her tests before seeing me and then was getting 1 number mixed up after. Her teachers that saw her after seeing me and doing this process once a week said hey would not have known that she had dyslexia if the mother didn't tell her.


We were all happy with the results. It is like a dyslexia tutor or exercise for the brain.


I want to work with more people and can say that the traditional approach to doing this biofeedbak or neurofeedback exercise shows 50% reduction for most people. I am hoping that a new method that I did could get hgher results and become shared globally.


Fifty percent of entrepreneurs (supposedly) have dyslexia...I come from a family of entrepreneurs, teachers, pharmacists and craftspeople....and I understand learning differences pretty naturally.


I teach regularly at area conferences, have been a teache to clinicians at The U of MN Medcial Center, a presenter at The Learning Disability Association of Minnestota, The Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented, and am interested in helping reach more people to help develop new approaches. 


Insurance is accepted and I would hope to continue working with people who have outside testin and learing assessmentst monitor progress. 


Please be in touch if you are interested or share this with others.

Thanks, Peter



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