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Video Game Therapy and Counseling in Minnesota and The US- Woohoo!


This is real and fun. We are in a new place with what we can do. People who come to the office can control the ligh level of video games while they play them on large projection on the wall. Imagine learning to control your brain while you watch a projection on the wall that only stays up so you can play when you are having steady calm attention or making more of it. 


It is a brain archade (fun for me because I grew up on a family resort my family had in the woods with a game room). So, now I help people get out of their mental "woods" where they feel stuck or underperformance wile using games with the inner life...


Feel free to shre nd I am glad to do a demonstration. I have done demonstrations at clinics/hospitals, conferences and with elementary school students to show how this works...


Healthy fun!


Peace, Peter



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